Air Traffic Control Systems

Surface Movement Radar

The Easat SMR is a ground surveillance radar designed to provide the most cost-effective solution for terminal area radars in airports of all sizes. Based on proven industry standard architectures, the radar makes use of consolidated and proven COTS technologies to provide outstanding performance, simplified logistics and low cost of ownership.

The radar can be configured either remote or local operation and it is controlled using a serial communications link with a local monitoring PC. COTS computers are used to monitor and control the operation of various subsystems within the radar, allowing faults to be rapidly detected and diagnosed. The radar can also be controlled remotely via LAN communication with a remote monitoring PC.

The display system provides the Air Traffic Controller with a complete traffic situation display with optimum information. The system offers a seamless transition from ground traffic situation to an approach picture and vice versa. Controller Working Positions (CWPs) may be individually configured according to the tasks to be carried out at that position, thereby ensuring that operators are always presented with the optimum data.

The Easat SMR is of a modular construction and concentrates most of the functional areas of the system into separate units. This approach, together with the extensive computer driven built in test equipment, provides rapid and easy repair and maintenance of the system. This architecture, with clearly defined functional modules, extensive BITE and total system control and adjustment by computer allows the easy implementation of unmanned radar stations, with the associated savings in staff and resources.

Surface Movement Radar Solutions
Surface Movement

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